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Nutrition and Health Coaching

After a decade of health issues, years of research, and countless doctors appointments, I was determined to personally take steps to improve my own health and wellness. For me, that first meant taking a step back and looking at the many factors affecting the quality of my life, including stress levels, sleep schedule, relationships, and most importantly, what I put into my body.

Along this journey, I learned that wellness starts from within and healing requires a unique biopsychosocial approach for each person. My experiences (both good and bad) led me to continue my education and become a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach through Precision Nutrition, the #1 rated program. This program taught me to better manage my autoimmune conditions in a holistic way and have a healthier, happier relationship with food.

My mission is to now help others find what works best for them when making choices about food, lifestyle habits, movement, and more. Although healing our bodies and minds goes far beyond the food we eat, making healthy nutrition choices is proven to help prevent chronic diseases, help aid digestion, and overall, just help us feel better.


If you’re interested in reading more about my health journey, I went into detail in this blog post.  


How It Works


We start out with a free 30 minute 1:1 session where you confidentially share your story with me. We’ll discuss your health history, nutrition, and any wellness challenges you may be struggling with. And while we will definitely discuss food, we will make sure to look at you as a "whole person" and take all aspects of your life into consideration including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and sleep. Then, we will work together as a team to identify your personal health goals and how I can support you to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for YOU.


Kelsey R.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions 

Dani made me feel completely safe and comfortable while also educating me about what foods are best for my body. I’ve been in many health and wellness appointments where I have walked away feeling shamed and patronized, but not with Dani. After our appointment, I felt refreshingly understood and confident. Dani provided me with suggestions and tools that I can use to feel better internally and externally.

LuLu B.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions

I loved the way Dani approached wellness as a whole. She was there to speak about health and wellness and your goals in a way that was truly helpful, based in both the facts but also experience. I appreciated that the session covered a variety of topics, but left me with a lot to think about and dive deeper into, but didn’t leave me feeling bad in any way. Instead I felt empowered about the possibility ahead of me and the fact that Dani was there to help me along the way.

Shelby S.

1:1 Nutrition Sessions 

My sessions with Dani have been nothing but seamless. She carries herself with such professionalism and grace, but also makes you feel like you’re her best friend (even if we have to meet over Zoom.) She took every detail about my lifestyle to heart and picked my meal plans with care. It felt like I had a friend walking me through this journey, rather than someone making me just “another client.” I felt honored, heard, and valued. And I know my body (and digestive system) will be thanking her too.

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